Noosphere: Shifting Toward Unity, November 12th, 2011

Noosphere: Shifting Toward Unity, Saturday, November 12th, 8pm @ Trilogy Yoga

The noosphere - the concept of a global mental web unifying Earth - is regarded by some to be the next stage of evolution for planetary life. Already, we are witness to many ways in which our world is connecting. From social media bringing together individuals around the globe to environmental consciousness embodied in permaculture and other sustainable practices that reawaken our relationship with Earth, the reality of global interdependence is becoming more evident.

In this free event, Shift LB looks to explore how our awareness and intention can create positive change in the world around us, shifting the planetary field toward unity. Special guest Cori Cauble of Your Fulfilled Life, songwriter and visionary Tony Moss and experimental musician N.Sputnik, and video from the cutting edge of conscious thought will anchor an evening of intention and co-creation from 8-11pm at Trilogy Yoga (3141 E. Broadway). Join us as we traverse limiting boundaries and consciously create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable tomorrow! More info here.