Tremblexy at Fabien Fryn's

by N.Sputnik | Sep 26, 2010

Last night I saw Tremblexy at Fabien Fryn's Fine Art, a gallery in West Hollywood for an event called Dream Machines. Tremblexy were joined by ambient/experimental/noise artists Ori Barel, Sandman Secrets (aka Mitchell Brown/Professor Cantaloupe with a guitar player) and Lubos Kohoutek Flapper Metamorkestra (aka John Randono). The event was free, and even served free beer and wine.

Dream Machines are those rotating cylinders you would place on a turntable and then hang a lightbulb inside of that were first seen in the 60's. My favorite reference for them is Broadcats's Papercuts video. The Dream Machines at this event (there were two) were put together by Paul Wilkens, who is the organizer for The Puka Bar Noise Night in Long Beach, where, coincidentally I had seen Mitchell Brown and John Randono perform on June 28th.

Tremblexy's set was short and loud. They played about 6 tracks: an intro track, White Tiger, Night Thieves, Panther, and Mindmeld. The band's two main members, Sara Ludy and Austin Meredith were joined by a drummer. The absence of the a bass player left some of the groovier tracks lacking their original feel, but would sometimes be played by Sara on the Minimoog. Pasture without the bass was barley recognizable and cut short. But I was happy to see one of my new favorites of this year for the first time.
Pasture by Tremblexy
Download the entire White Tiger album


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